Fire means a lot of smoke gets emitted into the atmosphere. Things get out of hand when the fire and smoke get confined within a boxed atmosphere. Such a situation leads to severe property damage. Damage can range from a couple burnt furniture to holes through roofs.

Whether it is a house or a business place, the consequences of fire are immense and often leave people in a state of turmoil and agony. Fortunately, some professionals can mend your physical damages. Fire restoration companies are just a call away and assist in all issues related to fire. They guide you through the whole mess and help you return to a comfortable house or business.

Fire restoration companies initiate their operation only if the criteria for a trustworthy fire restoration service meets the standards. The companies will perform a series of activities to restore the situation to its pre-damaged condition. Fire restoration processes differ according to companies and locations.

Some of the essential responsibilities of fire damage restoration companies are:

  • Initial contact with the Fire restoration Companies: The first thing you have to do is contact the fire restoration services be it in person or via air. A trusted fire restoration company should always take its place in your contact list. Also, the service has to be somewhere near your locality. These services are on call 24 hours a day to help you in case of an emergency.
  • Inspection of the site: Once you have completed your responsibility of contacting the right professionals, a technician will visit the website to evaluate the damage and the extent of the destruction. This will help the fire restoration authorities to develop a proper plan of action which later helps to counter the losses.
  • Boarding Up and Tarping of the required places: In addition to the belongings, windows, doors, and roofs also face damage. After the fire gets put out, all that is left are the gaping holes which often provides an opportunity for wild animals and thieves. The fire restoration companies are well aware of this problem and will board up or place tarps on the holes to avoid the further ruin of the property.
  • Cleaning of soot and smoke: This is a crucial part of the fire restoration process. Soot residue, acid stains, discoloration of walls and appliances, rust formations due to acid residues are some of the immediate effects of fire-damaged areas. Especially soot is a harmful agent that often gets layered with the waste if the cleaning is not done immediately. The task might seem straightforward if you see a professional working but believe me, it is one hell of a process. The process has to be very profound and managed.

Other benefits of hiring a professional fire restoration company are their advanced techniques used in the process. There is a reason they are called professionals, and we should trust and respect the fact. They sanitize the property and make it suitable for re-living. To effectively remove the minuscule soot particles and dislodge smoke, workers perform carpet cleaning too.

  • Removal of Odor: We are all aware of the pungent odour that lingers even after the fire gets put out. As it happens, fire restoration companies have a way around this problem as well. The secret lies in specific machinery called hydroxyl machines. At first, they pinpoint the locations of the odour sources using the technicians and their experience. Deodorization is very important on a fire-swept property as it sweeps away all the frustration and discomfort associated with the incident.
  • Restoration of water damage: Another thing that comes along with fire restoration is water-related issues. Often, fire causes the water pipes to burst or leak. Such situations lead to pools of water in the property and difficulty in the restoration process.

In these types of circumstances, fire restoration companies will deploy professionals who detect the source of the leakage and address the situation accordingly. They often use submersible pumps to pump out the excess water using water extraction technology. The process that follows the restoration process is drying of the whole area with the help of powerful humidifiers. After that, they clean the area with proper sanitization methods to eliminate the growth of bacteria and pathogens. This process is necessary because contaminated water is the best environment for the biological breeding of several insects.

  • Complete Restoration of property: Not all fire restoration companies provide property restoration facilities. Whatever the case, restoration services include both minor and major repair processes. The major repair offers the reconstruction of the areas that are profoundly affected by the fire. In contrast, minor repairs mean the restoration of new carpeting, painting the house, replacing dry walls, and similar other small activities. The quality of these essential and non-essential details is the measuring scale of the fire restoration companies.

Some Damages Cause by Fire Accidents

  • Permanent yellow stains on the walls.
  • Corrosion and rusting of metal elements.
  • Vinyl flooring gets devastated and needs repairing.
  • The furniture gets destroyed and needs refinishing.
  • Permanent stains in the upholstery.

How to Find the Right Company?

There is a small problem with some fire restoration companies. Some of them are frauds, and some are not, and it’s pretty hard to check the authenticity as a homeowner. The fact is, you have already witnessed a massive loss of your property, and this has left you in a vulnerable spot. To prevent yourself from further financial damage, calmly scan the situation and use professional advice. While finding the best company for your fire restoration services, always reach out for authentic and licensed ones. Some other qualities you need to look for finding the right professionals are:

  • The company provides up-to-date training to its employees.
  • They possess a safety and health-related certifications.
  • They have experience in the business.
  • They provide Insurance services.
  • They have appropriate licenses to carry out the task.

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